July 20, 2020
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Trump Again Refuses to Pledge Acceptance of November 2020 Election Results; New Wave of Fascistization as Trump Prepares to Send Lawless DHS Gangs Into Major American Cities: Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Oakland, and Philadelphia To Be Treated Like Conquered Territory; Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Flaunts Brazen Violation of Tenth Amendment in Portland; Democratic Officials Must Recognize That Violent Anarchists Play Key Provocateur Role in Domestic Fascism, and Should Be Neutralized; 

Parallels Abound to July 1932 Nazi Coup Against Social Democratic Braun-Severing Government in Prussia (Preußenschlag), Where Putschists Cited Continuing Violent Unrest Between Storm Troopers and Communists in Germany’ Largest State as Pretext for Seizing Control and Ruling by Decree;

As Congress Returns from Recess, Trump Still Demanding Payroll Tax (FICA) Holiday to Wreck Social Security and Medicare, But Some in GOP See Their Own Defeat and Get Cold Feet; GOP Targets $600 Weekly Supplement for Unemployment Benefits; Trump Seeks to Eliminate Money for Covid Testing; 

Maryland Governor Hogan Is Still a Republican, and Seeks to Suppress November Vote to Help His State GOP Survive Tsunami;

Trump, Joined by Reactionary Media, Shamelessly Tries to Distort Biden Energy Proposals; Don’t Believe a Word Coming from Regime!

Honoring Rep. John Lewis, a Hero of Our Time

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