May 27, 2020
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With Civil Rights of Black Americans under Massive Attack by Rogue Cops, AG Barr Must Stop Harassing Democratic Governors and Instead Intervene in Cases of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd;

Beijing Dictatorship Illegally Imposes Draconian “National Security” Yoke on Hong Kong, Effectively Ending Autonomous Status of City-State under “One Country, Two Systems” Sophistry; Rationale for Favored Treatment by US Is Dissolving; 

Xi Foolishly Sacrifices Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs By Bid to Extend Communist Oppression Over Lucrative Hong Kong Financial Center; President Tsai of ROC on Taiwan Announces New Measures To Welcome Hong Kong Refugees; Need US Ultimatum To Xi Warning That A New Tien an Men Crackdown Will Mean End of Most Favored Nation Trading Privileges and Exclusion From Dollar-Denominated Credit Markets; Don’t Let Trump Sell Out US for Soy Beans; 

France Bans Use of Hydroxychloroquine as Treatment for Covid; Playing the Dictator, Trump Want to Muzzle and Shut Down Social Media;

Theology and Politics: the Devil Is a Cynical Nihilist Much Like the Contemporary Crop of Failed Populist Demagogues

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