June 4, 2020
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Retired Pentagon Officials Warn the Active Duty That Their Task is National Security, not Domestic Repression of Trump’s Political Foes; New Yorker Writes That Trump Is “Performing Fascism”; Public Attention Shifts to Whether Tenant of Oval Will Vacate Premises After Looming Election Defeat; At George Floyd Memorial Service, Sharpton Tells Trump To Stop Brandishing Bible and Try Reading It; Barr’s Mystery Soldateska aka Little Green Men in Streets of Washington DC Trying to Intimidate Population;

48% of US Now Have Very Unfavorable View of Trump; Will He Fall Victim to Landslide Defeat Like Goldwater’s At Hands of LBJ in 1964?; GOP Senate Prospects in Decline; Trump Clique Eyes Coup Scenarios for Contingent Election With Delay in Designating Winner; Make Sure Don’s Margin of Defeat Overwhelming!

1.9 Million New Jobless Claims Point to Dramatic Worsening of Depression; More Harbingers of Biden’s First One Hundred Days in Spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal;

On to Richmond, where the Robert E. Lee Statue on Monument Avenue is Scheduled to Be Removed in Near Future; 

Breaking: Large Demonstration in Hong Kong Commemorates 1989 Tien an Men Massacre in Defiance of Beijing Communist Regime

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