June 11, 2020
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Biden Warns Again That Trump Will Defy Results of November Election and Attempt to Hold Onto Power With Other Means: “The President Is Going to Try to Steal This Election,” But “I am Absolutely Convinced [the US Military] Will Escort Him from the White House with Great Dispatch,” Says Biden; 7-Hour Waits for Some Voters in Last Tuesday’s Georgia Primary Illustrate Methods GOP Will Use; Window of Danger Could Emerge as Mail-In Ballots Are Counted After November 3, Leaving Initiative to Regime; Best Remedy Is Defeating Trump by Margin So Overwhelming That A Coup Would Be Laughed Out of Existence; Miley Repudiates Trump’s Lafayette Park Stunt, Making Clear Trump’s Talk of Military-Based Executive a Distant Pipe Dream;

In Worst Day Since March 16, Dow Dives by 1,862 Points as Administration’s Plan for Re-Launching Bubble Collides With Reality of World Breakdown Crisis and Pandemic Tenacity; Powell Predicts Protracted High Unemployment; Munching Demands Cloak of Secrecy for $660 Billion in Stimulus;

“Seattle Autonomous Zone” Is Another Ultra-Left Gift to Trump; 

Victorious US Military Figures Who Actually Deserve to Have Bases Named After Them Include Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas (of Virginia), Farragut, Clara Barton, The Tuskegee Airmen, Nimitz, MacArthur, and Eisenhower – All Winners!

Nation and World Are Ready for a New Birth of Freedom, Not New Dark Age Wrought by Trump!

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