June 16, 2020
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Ignored by Many Corrupt US Media, China Launches Incursion Against India in Disputed Area of Himalaya Mountains: India Reports 20 Soldiers Killed; China Does Not Acknowledge Losses, But Unconfirmed Accounts Suggest 42 Dead; Beijing’s Aggressive Imperialism is Essence of Belt and Road Strategy; Clash Is Worst Since 1975; Trump’s Silence Underlines His Subservience To Xi;

North Korea Blows Up Conference Center Devoted to Rapprochement with Seoul; Pro-Détente ROK President Moon Humiliated; Trump’s Love Affair of Appeasement Ends in Fiasco; Order For Demolition Reportedly Came From Dictator’s Sinister Sister; Was She Inspired by Beijing?

Key to These Events May Be Increasing Isolation and Weakness of Xi’s Communist Regime in Wake of Hong Kong Humiliations and New “Wartime” Flareup of Wuhan Coronavirus;

Fengtai District Partially Locked Down After Closure of Vast Xinfadi Meat Market and Nearby Jingshen Seafood Market; World Wants to Know: Are These Camouflaged Versions of the Infamous Wet Markets, the Incubators of Wuhan Pandemic?

Many Chinese Officials Now Prefer Four More Years of Trump to Biden Victory for Geopolitical Reasons: Trump Can Be Relied to Weaken US by Wrecking American Alliance System, while Biden Would Cultivate Allies and Organize Them to Resist the Hegemony of Beijing

Senate Republicans Condemn Chinese Efforts to Steal Results of Research for Covid Vaccine, Noting That Xi Regime Would Blackmail Rest of World If It Attained Monopoly on New Vaccine; New Vetting Methods For Chinese Researchers and Students Are Required; Democrats Must Not Cede This Vital Issue to GOP!

British Clinical Trials Suggest Low-Cost Anti-Inflammatory Drug Dexamethasone Can Reduce Deaths by Up To One Third Among Severely Ill Covid Victims

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