June 30, 2020
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Communist Dictator Xi Imposes Totalitarian Security Law on Hong Kong, Ending Traditional Freedoms in Violation of “One Country, Two Systems” Principle Contained in Sino-British Treaty Signed by Thatcher; Joshua Wong and Other Pro-Democracy Leaders Flee Demosisto Party Just as It Dissolves to Escape Persecution; Free Nations Must Prepare to Receive Hong Kong Refugees; President Tsai of ROC on Taiwan Condemns Lawless Move by Beijing; Trump Silent, Still Hoping for Xi’s Illegal Help in November Election; 

Retaliating for China’s Himalayan Aggression, India Bans 59 Mainland Apps, Including Tik Tok; New Delhi Cites Stealing of Data and Sending It to Foreign Servers, Posing Threat to Indian National Security; Indian Market of 1.3 Billion Now Closed to Belt and Road Imperialists; Courageous Move Highlights Cowardly Appeasement of China by Trump; 

More Reports Buttress Accusations That Putin Uses Taliban Mercenaries To Kill US GIs in Afghanistan; First Warnings Date Back to Early 2019; Details Published in President’s Daily Briefing; Trump Briefed Directly by Bolton; 3 Slain US Marines Said To Have Been Targets; Funds Transfer Tracked from GRU Bank Account to Assassins; Background of Escalation: Putin Regime in Its “Worst Crisis of All Time” Due to Collapse of Oil Price, Worsening Pandemic, Growing Political Opposition, and Suicides of Doctors;

Still Waiting for Supreme Court Decision on 2 Cases Seeking Trump’s Tax Returns: A Great Chance for Power Brokers to Signal To Tenant of Oval That He Has Utterly Failed and Needs to Resign; 

Celebrating G.W. Leibniz, A Maker of Modern Civilization, Born July 1, 1626!

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