June 1, 2020
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Trump Demands Governors Trample First Amendment With Indiscriminate Repression of Legitimate Protesters over Actions of Violent White Supremacist Infiltrators; White House Engaged in Obscene Replay of Nixon’s Long Hot Summer and Hoping for Racist Backlash at Polls; Barr’s Targeting of Amorphous Antifa Could Expand to Include Anti-Trump Dissent;

New Attention for Early March Intelligence that Weakened Putin Regime Wants Race War in United States; Russian Goal Is Chaos and Despair Conducive to Lower Turnout by Black Voters and Four More Years for Don; After Years of Wrecking Operations in US Intelligence Community, National Defense Is Significantly Impaired; Russia Mounts “Brazen and Disruptive” Operations Pushing US to “Tear Itself Apart”; Kremlin Intelligence Bosses Impressed by 2017 Fascist March in Charlottesville, Virginia, Seen as Ideal Model for Using Race Issue to Rend American Society; Trump Responds With Bid to Restore Russia to G-7 Membership;

Dangerous Assets of Three Foreign Adversaries Reportedly Among Provocateurs; Truckloads of Armed Fascist Militia Observed Arriving in Minneapolis, where 80% of Those Arrested Are From Out of Town; 

Urban League President Demands Feds Inform Nation About Role of Russia and Others; Veep Hopeful Val Demings Stresses Need for Economic Reform Agenda for Disadvantaged Communities and Calls for Nationwide Ban on Choke Holds by Police; Atlanta Mayor Bottoms Tells Demonstrators To Go Home; Biden’s Lead Stable at 10%

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