July 25, 2020 - World Crisis Radio
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100 Days Before General Election, and with Biden Ahead by 9%, Trump Declares Bankruptcy by Calling Off Republican National Convention; Self-Described World-Class Business Executive Proves Unable to Organize Quadrennial Political Rite in Unprecedented Failure; Sources Warn That GOP Bosses Will Cut Funding to Trump by Labor Day if His Polls Do Not Improve;

GOP Senators Leave Washington without Halting Foreclosures and Evictions, and without Securing Vital $600 per Week Supplement to Jobless Benefits; Tens of Millions of Renters Now Face Homelessness during Pandemic; Another Reason Why GOP Deserves Extinction; 

Retaliating for Shutdown of Houston Espionage Center, Beijing Orders Closure of US Consulate in Chengdu; Bring It On: Status Quo Mainly Serves Communists, So Let Them Retaliate;

Trump Chats with Putin, but Says Nothing about Afghan Bounties; 

End of America First Lone Wolf Strategy: In Speech to London IISS, Pentagon’s Esper Celebrates Cooperation for Freedom of Navigation in South China Sea; Naval Forces from India, Australia, and Japan Join with Reagan and Nimitz Carrier Groups in Philippine Sea and Indian Ocean; Solidarity of Philippines with Vietnam against Beijing’s Attacks on Fishing Fleets; Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and France Provide Support; Naval Cooperation between Australia and India Shows New Geopolitical Reality while Dotard Defends Confederate Generals;

Hallelujah: Hard-Line MAGA Unilateralist Pompeo of Foggy Bottom Seeks Aid from United Nations, NATO, G-7, and G-20 to Deal with Chinese Communists; Trump Has No Ideology Left and Must Go;

White Anarchists and Provocateurs Have No Program but Torching Portland Federal Court House, Which Does Not Help Black Community; Apolitical Violence Is Crowding Out Authentic Black Issues; 

Breaking: Amid Discussion on Domestic Fascism and Whether Trump Will Leave Power After Election Defeat, Biden Condemns Trump’s Fear-Mongering About Mail-In Ballots as Attempt to Steal Vote; Don’s Talk of Sending Out 75,000 Feds Reveals Plan to Suppress Mass Protests After Coup; Save the US Postal Service!

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