June 15, 2020
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Supremes Rule 6-3 That Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act Banning Job Discrimination Based on Sex Extends to LGBTQ Persons; Roberts and Gorsuch Join Four Liberal Justices, with Gorsuch Signing Majority Opinion Based on Textualist Nominalism; Kavanaugh Offers Weak Dissent; Alito and Thomas Assert Reactionary View; XIV Amendment Guarantees That All States Apply Equal Protection of Laws To Everybody; Door Left Open for “Religious” Objections; And Beware Deception Posture By Court Majority As They Prepare To Back Trump Coup In Disputed Election;

Trump Behavior at West Point Graduation Triggers Online Tidal Wave of Angry Polemics about His Physical and Mental Health; With Don’s Campaign Failing to Gain Traction with Slander Barrage against Biden, He Is Losing Yet another Demagogic Issue; 

Senseless Tragedy in Atlanta Underlines Need For Quick Passage of Dem Police Reform Bill Plus Federal Licensing of Police Officers, With Rigorous Training to Train Cops to Serve Needs of Communities, Not Uphold System of Race Discrimination and an Unjust Property Order; 

In Seattle, CHAZ Morphs into CHOP as Democratic Officials Flirt with Dangerous Weakness, Raising GOP Hopes for Backlash in November;

Media Confusion About Juneteenth Made Worse by 1619 Project: June 19, 1865 Marked End of Slavery in US Military District of Texas as Union General Gordon Granger Arrived in Galveston with 2,000 Federal Soldiers to Announce Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation After Surrender of Confederate Trans-Mississippi; News of Emancipation on January 1, 1863 and Lee’s Surrender to Grant in April 1865 Had Not Reached Texas; Chattel Slavery Then Collapsed, Starting Tradition of Jubilee Celebrations; 

US Must Render Justice to Intrepid Intelligence Officer Harriet Tubman: Time for Her to Replace Odious Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill as Planned Pre-Trump; She Should Replace Bragg as Namesake of Army’s Largest Fort

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