February 19, 2020
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To Block Chinese World Domination In 5G And The Industrial Internet, US And NATO Allies Must Buy Controlling Stake In Nokia Of Finland And Ericsson Of Sweden; Make The Federal Reserve Advance National Priorities, Not Just Wall Street Greed, With Half A Trillion Dollars In Zero Interest Century Bonds For Purchase And Development Of The West’s 5G Superpower As The Answer To The Pirates Of Huawei And ZTE!

Time To Dump The Mnuchin Faction Of Crackpot Profiteer Ideologues, Who Think They Can Oppose Chinese Communist Monopoly Cartels With The So-Called Free Market;

Atmosphere Of Poisonous Intrigue Created In Washington By Trump Blinds And Weakens Policy Machinery: Case In Point Sees Trump Ousting Undersecretary Of Defense Policy John Rood, Who Fought Back Fast Against Trump’s Freeze Of Aid To Ukraine, And Wanted To Continue Vital US-South Korea Military Drills Despite Don’s Sellout To Kim;

Democrats Must Break Profile By Dialing Back Petty Fratricide That Can Only Help Trump; The Winning Democratic Candidate Will Claim Lineage From The Franklin Roosevelt New Deal, Including Economic Bill Of Rights Of January 1944 SOTU And Forcing The Fed To Finance The War Effort

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