May 2, 2020 - World Crisis Radio
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May Day General Strike vs. Amazon, Fedex, Walmart Marks Rebirth Of US Labor Movement; At Republican Convention, Official GOP Presidential Platform Must Specify How Many Needless Deaths Are Acceptable To Re-Open Economy With Little Testing And Lots Of Slave Labor; Some 30 States Lifting Anti-Plague Measures; Fauci Warns Foolhardy Governors They Are Courting Excessive Risk;

Northern Japanese Island Of Hokkaido Returns To Lockdown After New Upsurge In Confirmed Cases; Merkel Stresses Extremely Narrow Margins Involved In Keeping The R Factor Below 1 To Allow Suppression Of Virus;

More “Very Good People”: Trump Tells Michigan Governor Whitmer To “Make A Deal” With Rifle-Brandishing Extremists Trying To Storm The State Capitol In Lansing; Message Is That A Leading State Should Capitulate To Blackmail By A Few Hundred Armed Gangsters; 

Armed Militias Are Historically The Harbingers Of Fascism: See Mussolini’s March On Rome, October 1922; Hitler’s Beerhall Putsch, November 1923; And The February 1934 Fascist Storming Of The French National Assembly In The Stavisky Affair, Which Set The Stage For Marshal Pétain’s Vichy Regime Of 1940; 

The Story Of Joseph And Potiphar’s Wife, Genesis 39: 1-20, A Favorite Theme Of Renaissance Art By Rembrandt, Tintoretto, And Guido Reni; A Mirror For Modern Candidates;

Trump Said To Mull Measures Against Beijing Communist Regime; US Should Require Full WHO Membership For Taiwan, No More PNTR (Most Favored Nation) Status For Xi, And Back Debtors’ Cartel Among Victims Of Belt And Road Debt Trap; No Real Cooperation Will Be Possible While Despot Xi And Communist Party Retain Totalitarian Power

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