June 2, 2020
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Barr and Trump Trample First Amendment with Order to Oust Peaceful Demonstrators from Lafayette Park Monday Evening; Episcopalian and Roman Catholic Bishops Condemn Don’s Cynical Exploitation of Religious Buildings; Will the Bible Survive Trump’s Posturing?

Reports of Federal Troops In and Around Washington DC; Military Helicopters Mount Show of Force Action over DC’s Chinatown; Protests in Many Cities Calmer Than Previous Night; Biden Offers Alternative of Rational Constitutional Leadership;

Cuomo Rejects Trump’s Plans to Deploy Federal Troops, Condemns Repression Against Peaceful Protesters, and Urges De Blasio to Stop Further Looting by Deploying All 38,000 New York Cops; 

US Now In Midst of Classic Creedal Passion Period, when Gap Between Professed Values and Actual Institutions Becomes Intolerable; Lessons of How Reform Can Succeed and Fate of Jimmy Carter;

Breaking: Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré, The Hero of New Orleans, Mocks Trump’s Triumphal March Across Lafayette Park as “Something Out of Turkey”; Calls on Congress to “Restrain Trump”; and Recommends That Joint Chiefs of Staff File Legal Brief to Stop Improper Use of Active Duty Forces;

McConnell Blocks Schumer’s Motion Condemning Trump’s Atrocity in Lafayette Park

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