December 19, 2020 - World Crisis Radio
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Breaking: Trump Eyes Martial Law to Hold onto Power, Triggering Heated Clash in Oval Office Friday, CNN Reports Allege; White House Counsel Cipollone and Chief of Staff Meadows Said to Reject Autogolpe to Impose Dictatorship; Flynn’s Lawyer Sidney Powell Allegedly Considered as Stay-Behind Special Counsel; In This Atmosphere of Outrageous Sedition, Trump Must Immediately Resign or Be Removed Under XXV Amendment; 

Flynn Had Touted Martial Law with Military Forces to Obtain Do-Over Vote in Decisive Swing States; But American People Will Not Be Coerced into a Dog and Pony Show to Subvert Constitution and Install a New Duce; Pentagon Halts Briefings to Biden Transition Team, Raising Suspicion of What Trump’s Newly-Appointed Conspiracy Buffs Might Be Doing Behind Curtain of Silence; Army Gen. McCaffrey: If Trump Calls for a Coup d’État, “Nobody Will Come’; 

After a Week of Silence, Trump Refuses to Attribute Large-Scale Hack of Federal Agencies to Russian Intelligence, Despite Previous Statement by Pompeo Clearly Accusing Kremlin; Trump Claims China is Guilty Party; Trump Still Threatening to Veto Pentagon Budget Bill, with GOP Quislings Getting Less Likely to Override;

“We Want Them Infected” – HHS Emails Show Officials Advocated Mass Casualty Herd Immunity Policy during Pandemic;

Austerity Ghoul Toomey Runs Dirty Tricks to Block $908 Billion Package to Prevent Biden from Using Cheap Federal Reserve Credit to Fuel Economic Recovery, Stabilize States and Cities, Aid Small Business, and Protect Working Families; New Funding Deadline Is Sunday at Midnight

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