November10, 2020
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At Supreme Court Hearing on Obamacare/ACA, Contest Is Trump and Texas vs California-Led States Seeking to Defend Health Care in Midst of Pandemic; Roberts and Kavanaugh Signal Doubts that GOP’s 2017 Repeal of Individual Mandate Dooms Entire ACA; How Does Texas Have Standing in Case that Does Not Harm Them?; Surprising Moderation of Alito; California AG Becerra Voices Cautious Optimism About ACA Survival; But Beware Reactionary Justices Who Would Follow Trump if He Held Onto Power!

Autogolpe Updates: Trump Still Insisting He Is Election Victor; Moscow Mitch, Blunt, and Other GOP Hacks Playing Along; GSA Boss Refusing to Cooperate with Biden Campaign on Premises, Intelligence, and Funding; DNI Ratcliffe Decrees No Contact with Incoming Administration; Pompeo’s Open Contempt for Voters Stokes Rebellion Among Human Rights Experts of Foggy Bottom; Georgia GOP Bigwigs In Frenzied Attack on State’s Pro-Biden Vote Count;

In Self-Assured and Presidential Speech, President-Elect Biden Tells Nation that Trump’s Defiance of Transition Laws is “Embarrassment” for Trump that Will Mar His Legacy; Trump’s Sabotage Is Not Hampering Work of Transition, Biden Reports; Reporter: Will GOP Cooperate? Biden: They Will! 

Washington in Shock After Trump’s Highly Suspicious Firing of Defense Secretary Esper; Was Don’s Purpose to Remove an Obstacle to Deploying Active Duty against Peaceful Protesters; And Is This Part of a Coup Plot?

Richard Pilger, DoJ’s Head of Election Crimes Branch, Resigns in Protest Against AG Barr’s Engraved Invitation to 93 US Attorneys To Falsify Election Results in Favor of Trump;

“Bad Memories” Are All that Remain: Russian TV Talking Heads Lament Defeat of Their Protégé Don; Kremlin Ally Zhirinovsky Still Wants to Make Trump More Dependent on Moscow and “Milk Him Like A Cow”; Others Whine That Trump Never Delivered on Moscow’s Demands on State Visits and Lifting Sanctions Because of Resistance in Congress; Fearing Biden, Another Warns It May Be Time to “Get Ready to Be Disconnected from SWIFT!” [International interbank payment system]

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