May 27, 2021
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In rousing Cleveland speech, Biden demands Senate pass jobs and infrastructure bill, citing need to attain full employment to drive up wages and secure workplace dignity for workers, especially women; President repeats commitment to 28% tax rate for corporations, Buy American pledge, and $15 per hour federal minimum wage; singles out greedy executives obsessed with stock buybacks; his evocation of inflection point evokes FDR's rendez-vous with destiny!
New jobless claims fall to lowest level since start of pandemic, new Covid cases fall by half in May;
A strong contender for the earliest known Decoration Day/Memorial Day: Did African American freedpeople and veterans invent this holiday on May 1 1865 to honor Union POWs deceased in a mini-Andersonville at the Charleston, South Carolina race track?
Breaking: McConnell strongarming senators to block January 6 board of inquiry as personal favor!
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