August 17, 2020
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Pelosi Calls House Back Into Session This Saturday to Pass Laws Defending Beleaguered US Postal Service from GOP Sabotage; This Is Golden Opportunity to #ImpeachDeJoy For Preventing Delivery of US Mail!; On Day of Action Next Tuesday, Support Demonstrations at Post Offices Everywhere;

As Prescription Medicines and Urgent Checks Fail to Get Delivered on Time Across Nation, Rage Grows Against Trump, DeJoy, and Their Enablers Like Moscow Mitch For Crippling US Postal Service In Cynical Bid to Steal Presidential Election; Trump Confirms His Criminal Intent With Threats of Third Term Against “Fascist” Democrats;

Postmaster General DeJoy Agrees to Appear on Monday For Questioning by Rep. Maloney’s House Government Oversight Committee; Extensive Document Delivery Demanded by August 21; Six State Attorneys General Led by Becerra of California and James of New York Ready Lawsuit Against DeJoy and Trump; Elected Officials in New Jersey and New York Start Court Actions Against Deliberate Slowdowns;

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