June 8, 2020
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“Defund the Police” Is the Latest Gift from Ultra-Left Opportunists to the Reactionary GOP; Reckless and Irresponsible Slogan Has Suddenly Become the Centerpiece of Trump’s Election Demagogy and of Fox News Programming; Issue Is Meal Ready to Eat Delivered to Tyrant of Oval, Who Had Run Out of Issues; Gun-Toting Fascists Look Forward to Raiding New York City When There Are No Cops to Stop Them; Is Minneapolis City Council Determined to Give Trump a Second Term?;

Biden Calls for Police Reform, but Not Defunding; Congressional Black Caucus Also Rejects De-Funding; Pelosi’s Police Reform Bill Includes Bad Cop Database; Bans No-Knock Warrants, Choke Holds, Artery Holds and Assorted Brutality; Ends Racial Profiling; Pelosi Notes That Police Funding is Local, not Federal, Issue;

Trump’s Polls Cratering: NBC-WSJ Shows Stable Biden Lead of 7%, with Trump’s Edge Among White Voters Dwindling From 21% in 2016 to 6% Today; CNN-SSRS Poll Has Biden On Top by Record Margin of 55% to 41%; Trump Underwater by 38% Negative to 57% Approving, Comparable to One-Term Losers Bush 43, Carter, and Ford 5 Months Before Their Defeat;

Brookings Study Finds No Drop in Unemployment Rate As Falsely Claimed by Trump; 21 Million Were Officially Unemployed in May, but BLS Reported Jobless Benefits Going to 30 Million; Lost 9 Million Would Bring Jobless Rate to 19%, Much Closer to Reality! ;

Breaking: National Bureau of Economic Research Declares US Economy Went into Recession in February, Well Before Covid Pandemic, Thus Stripping Don of Another Excuse For His Failure!

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