June 9, 2020
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Trump and Fox News Are Attempting to Regroup Shattered Campaign by Pandering to Police Backlash against Defunding Protests;

In Parable for “Defund the Police” Agitators, Rep. Clyburn of South Carolina Warns That His 1960s Work along with that of Rep. John Lewis in the Civil Rights Movement Was “Hijacked” by Posturing Ultra-Left Radicals Spouting Slogan of “Burn Baby Burn”;

Supporters of Defunding Fall Back on Claim That “Defund” Does Not Of Course Really Mean Defund, But Are Low-Information Voters Expected to Figure that Out?; Did Anyone Care Enough to Have Polling or Focus Groups to Estimate Impact on Presidential Election, Where Stakes Are Merely Fascist Dictatorship and Genocide, Including World War?;

Rebuilding Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Is Long Overdue and Should Start in January, Will Require $5 Trillion of Dollars in Fed-Purchased 0% State Century Bonds Paid for by Taxes on Corporations and Wall Street; Cost Is Infinitely Beyond the Scope of Any Police Budget!

Backers of Defunding Insist on Purely Local Frame of Reference, Ignoring Evil Outside Forces Like White Supremacists, Fascist Militias, Drug Cartels, and Predatory Billionaires Who Will Doubtless Rush In If Police Are Removed or Weakened;

Debate Recalls GOP “Repeal and Replace” Demagogy against Obamacare: Let’s Abolish a Needed Program and We’ll Tell You Later What We Have Re-Imagined to Take Its Place;

Breaking: Voter Suppression in Georgia Primary Reminds US That Decisive Front Is Voting Rights Needed to Oust Trump!

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