June 17, 2020
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New Pentagon Papers: In Savage Attack on First Amendment, Trump Uses Department of Justice as His Mouthpiece In Lawsuit Seeking Prior Restraint of Bolton Memoir; Barr’s Minions Seeking TRO to Halt Distribution, But Copies Have Already Leaked to Press;

According to Bolton, Trump Groveled for Xi in Osaka, Japan, Pleading with Communist Dictator to Save Him From Election Defeat by Buying Soybeans and Other US Farm Products; No Objections to Xi’s Concentration Camp Archipelago; Note Colossal Irony, Since Pillar of Trump Campaign is Charge That Biden and Son Are Tools of China; Impeachable Offenses Galore: For Trump, Obstruction of Justice Looked Like a Way of Life When It Came to Doing Favors for Foreign Dictators, Says Bolton, Who Claims He Told Everything to AG Barr, Who Did Nothing; Unstable Trump Allegedly Went to Brink of Quitting NATO Alliance and Invading Venezuela;

Garret Rolfe, Who Shot Rayshard Brooks, Is Charged By Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard With First Degree Murder and Other Crimes; To Break Lawless and Incorrigible Behavior of Police Unions, Time to Consider the RICO Statute with Cases of Obstruction of Justice as Predicate Offenses Needed to Establish Pattern of Racketeering; 

Karl Rove Reportedly Advising Trump to Escalate Slander Attacks on Biden; Mention of Bush 43’s “Architect” Recalls Highly Suspicious GOP Tactics of 2000, 2004, and 2012, Including Notorious “ORCA” App Designed to Elect Romney in Ohio; Despairing of Winning Free Vote, Republicans Seek 50,000 “Poll Watchers,” Raising Danger of Voter Suppression, Intimidation, and Harassment

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