June 25, 2020
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Biden Slams Trump’s “Heartless” Support of GOP’s Lawsuit Seeking Total Destruction of Obamacare Law; Texas AG Is Flagship of Republican Quest to Bring Back Pre-Existing Conditions at Moment of Greatest Need; End of ACA Would End Ten Essential Medical Benefits, Triggering 30,000 to 40,000 Senseless Deaths; Biden Demands Trump Stop Supporting Genocidal Attack on ACA Health Care Serving Tens of Millions of Americans: He Predicts That In November, Voters Will Put An End to Don’s Crusade Against Health Care;

Biden Plan Includes Ceiling of 8.5% of Personal Income Spent on Health Care, Reduction of Prescription Drug Prices, and Fastest Possible Seamless Advance towards Universal Coverage

John C. Calhoun of South Carolina: Free Trader, Secessionist, Champion of Slavery and Nullification, and another Historical Figure Who Does Not Deserve the Honor of a Statue;

In Russia, Voting Starts in Referendum to Decide Whether Putin Can Stay in Power through 2036; Recent Moscow Elections Suggest Protest Vote Is Possible; 

Summary of Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy from End of World War I to German Attack of June 22, 1941; 

Breaking: House Passes George Floyd Bill for Police Reform, 236-181; Hurd, Upton, and Fitzpatrick of GOP Join Dems in Support

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