August 29, 2020 - World Crisis Radio
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Gaslighting and Superspreading: Trump Ends Convention of Dark Forces with Crescendo of Lies and Empty Promises; Public Health and Empirical Economics Not on Program; Don’s Name Up in Lights, but as a Failure Who Has Choked Across the Board;

Twenty Whoppers: Trump’s Dinner Menu or A Catalogue of His Falsifications in Acceptance Speech?

As Counterpoint, Commitment March at Lincoln Memorial Marks 57th Anniversary of “I Have a Dream” With Realistic Demands for New Era of Voting Rights and Police Reform Advanced by Martin Luther King III;

At Beginning of Final Push for White House, Calls for Democrats to Shut Down Violent Anarchist Vandals and Provocateurs Who Are Trump’s Most Precious Resource and the Greatest Threat to Biden-Harris; Don Lemon of CNN Gets It, Thinks Democrats Have “Blind Spot” on This Issue, and Offers Draft of Tough Speech for Biden; Some Dems Attempt to Evade Issue;

As Labor Day Approaches, Biden Should Campaign On Strong Program of New Deal Style Mass Traction Economic Demands Including Immediate $15 Minimum Wage, Job Creation on Scale of WPA, $600 per Week Extra Jobless Benefit for Duration of Trump Depression, Post Office Support, Saving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, More Money for Food Stamps and School Meals, Passage of HEROES Act; Make Wall Street Pay the Costs;

Breaking: 23.8 Million Viewers Watch Trump Acceptance Speech, Fewer Than the 24.6 Who Watched Biden Last Week; Don’s Viewership Down 25% From His 2016 Acceptance; Trump Regime Cancels Briefings to Congress on Russian and Other Election Interference; Democrats Must Go Beyond Mere Indignation!


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