November 16, 2020
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Trump Still Refusing to Accept Defeat, Inflicting Grave Damage on United States; Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Reports Pressure from Lindsey Graham to Destroy Legally Cast Mail-In Ballots; Time to Deal Georgia GOP Twin Defeats in January 5 Senate Runoff Elections!

In Sharp Break from Trump’s Meetings for Plutocrats Only, Biden and Harris Confer on Public Health and Economic Recovery with Broad Sample of Labor and Management; Biden Demands Orderly Transition Starting Now and Passage of $3 Trillion HEROES Act to Keep State Governments Functioning; Biden Mocks Scott Atlas’ Calls for “Resistance”; Leaders of UAW, SEIU, UFCW Grocery Workers, AFSCME, and Trumka of AFL-CIO “Sang from the Same Hymnal” with Executives from GM, Target, Microsoft, and Gap; 

“Great Reset” With Help from Time Magazine, Aging Malthusian Crackpots of Davos-Based World Economic Forum Are Trying to Push Biden Administration Towards Deadly Energy Austerity; Push is Timed to Coincide with US Transition; Tell Joe the American People Want FDR’s New Deal Economics, Modern Nuclear Energy, Transcontinental Maglev Rail, and a Rising Standard of Living, Not Endless Immiseration;

Tax Wall Street Party Urges Biden to Keep Susan Rice and Samantha Power Out of His Cabinet and White House; After Repeated Antitrust Violation s in US and Europe, Bill Gates Does Not Have the Confidence of the American People and Must Be Kept Out of Any Role in Public Health Policy;

Breaking: Chris Hayes of MSNBC Mentions “The Spanish Term ‘Autogolpe’”

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