February 17, 2020
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American Society Rejects Trump’s Dictatorship And The Politics Of Revenge: Over 2,000 Department Of Justice Veterans Call On AG Barr To Resign; Former Deputy AG Donald Ayers, Barr’s Colleague In Bush 41’s DOJ, Calls Him “Un-American”; 

On Sunday Shows, Dem Candidates Spout Usual Platitudes, Not Grasping That Coordinated Emergency Actions Are Needed At Once To Ward Off Police State Rule Before November!; After Vile Attacks On Leaders Of Nevada’s Culinary Workers, Sanders Goons Are Becoming An Issue Among Dems;

Skyrocketing Death Toll From Coronavirus Is A Political Crisis For Emperor Xi And His Bankrupt Communist Party: World Doubts Statistics From Beijing; The New Mao Is Realizing That Total Command Brings Total Responsibility When Things Go Wrong; Scapegoats Are Eagerly Sought; Xi Has Failed To Break Opposition Movement In Hong Kong, Is Farther Than Ever From Luring Taiwan Back To Mainland, And Is Widely Hated As The Corrupt Buck Passer Who Silenced The Heroic Dr. Lee And Inflicted A New Pandemic On His People!

Trump’s Narcissism Ruins The Daytona 500 Race For The Fans; Compounding The Debacle, Fox News Fails To Broadcast The Duce’s Speech; Online MAGA Dupes Attribute Miscues To Dark Forces Of Deep State!

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