July 14, 2018 WCR
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#CancelHelsinki! Trump’s Appeasement Confab With Putin Must Be Called Off; Clamor to Block Sellout Grows in Congress After Mueller Grand Jury Indicts Twelve Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) Officers Who Hacked DNC, DCCC, Podesta, Hillary Campaign, and State Boards in the Service of Trump; No Sanctions Relief and No Normalization Until These Criminals and Their Boss Gerasimov Are Brought to Justice; Complicit Trump Backers in U.S. Now Face Indictment; GOP Party of Treason Readies Attacks on Rosenstein and Special Counsel; Appeasement Intellectuals Must Choose Among Russian Oligarchy, Chinese Totalitarianism, and U.S.; 250,000 Protest The Tyrant in London; Comparable Summit: Khrushchev Stormed Out of 1960 Paris Conference After U-2 Spy Plane Crashed in USSR; Full Reciprocity Now In Order; Vive la France!

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