November 9, 2020
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Is Trump Unleashing an Autogolpe against US Constitution? Ominous Signs Multiply: Trump’s Defense Secretary Esper Brusquely “Terminated” by Tweet; Pentagon Boss Had Publicly Rejected Trump’s Bid to Use Cover of Insurrection Act to Deploy Federal Troops Against Peaceful Protesters; Replacement is Christopher Miller, Current Head of National Counterterrorism Information Center; Firing of Esper Introduces Chaos Factors at Worst Possible Time, with China’s Aggressor Xi Considering Attack on Taiwan; 

Trump Hack Emily Murphy of General Services Administration and Her Pro-Trump Agency Counsel Trent Benishek Are Still Refusing to Issue Ascertainment Triggering Start of Trump to Biden Transition, Withholding Federal Money, Communications, and Offices Needed ASAP by Incoming White House Team; USAID Rebels Against Biden Requests;

Moscow Mitch Backs Trump’s Frivolous Vote Fraud Law Suits; Georgia GOP Bigwigs Want to Purge Secretary of State for Insufficient Fanaticism in Service of Trump; AG Barr Tells US Attorneys to Find Anti-Trump Conspiracies Around Election;

Mobilize to Win Both Senate Runoffs in Georgia on January 5 to Give Vice President Kamala Harris the Tie-Breaking Vote for Biden’s Cabinet Appointments and Reform Legislation of Hundred Days!

From the Black Soldiers in the Union Army to Clyburn’s Role as Key Sponsor of Biden: The Black Community as Conscience of America; 

Breaking: Meadows, Carson, and White House Staffers Diagnosed with Covid After Packed Election Party; Facing Breakdown of Hospital System, Utah’s GOP Governor Declares Covid State of Emergency!

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