August 25, 2020
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Republican Convention Peddles Trump’s Paradise Lost, a Fantastic Never-Never Land of Economic Prosperity and Good Health That Never Was On Land Or Sea; Trump’s Job Creation Was Decidedly Inferior to Obama’s Last Three Years; GOP Tax Scam Kept Wall Street Bubble Going For Two Years With Ballooning Deficits For No Public Benefit; Repo Crisis of September 2019 Signaled Collapse of Trump Bubble, But Fed Countered With $1 Trillion per Week In Overnight Loans; US Was In Recession Even Before Pandemic Began; Trump’s Wipeout of Social Security Payroll Tax Is Worst GOP Attack on Pensions in Decades; Scalise Lies That US Has Lowest Jobless Rate Ever, When It Is Really The Highest Since the 1930s;

Gaslighting in Review: Nikki Haley Suggests Kim’s Love Letters Prove US Has Nothing More to Fear from Unstable Leadership Clique in North Korea; Forgetting Don’s Helsinki Grovel to Putin, Asserts That Trump Has Never Backed Down in Service of America; Don Poses as Tough on China, but Appeases His Great Friend Xi; Haley Dreams That Wrecking Iran Nuclear Accord Has Been Great Success, Although It Has Totally Isolated US;

Other Speakers Project on Biden the Desire for Authoritarian Control Which Is the Essence of Trump Regime; Pence as the Earnest-Faced Willie Whopper of Mendacity;

Raving, Fanatical Atmosphere Promoted by Deranged Speeches of Don Junior and Kimberley Guilfoyle as Internet Wonders What Fueled This Spectacle;

Rev. Al Sharpton Marks Anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Starting This Friday;

Breaking: Eric Trump Harangues GOP Convention, But Claims “The Constitution” Says He Does Not Need to Testify in New York; Imagines US as Envy of World, Where Reality is Often Scorn and Pity!; Bondi Parrots Kremlin Propaganda Against Bidens

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