July 4, 2020 - World Crisis Radio
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How Long Will the Failed Trump Regime Be Allowed to Undermine the Nation? His Support is Dwindling Among Many of His Plutocratic Backers; When Will This Lame Duck Face Reality and Resign? Watching the Ghislaine Maxwell Case, and Still Waiting for the Supreme Court’s Decisions on Two Subpoenas for His Personal and Business Federal Tax Returns;

On Independence Day, New Economic Recovery Policies Are Needed to Deal With Racial Tensions and Economic Collapse to Establish National Unity: Material Basis of Freedom and Equality Requires a $20 Minimum Wage, Federal Job Creation on WPA/PWA Model Financed by the Fed; Hospitals and Doctors, Modern Public Housing, Mass Transit, and Trillions for Public Works; Practical Equality Is Not Just a Matter of Condemning Racist Attitudes, But Means Ending Poverty, Immiseration, Unemployment, and Exclusion, a Tasks Which Require A United Assault on Wall Street Power; No More Class Dismissed for US Domestic Politics!

Amid New Interest in Alexander Hamilton, Politicians Must Pay Attention to His Economics of Dirigism as Set Forth in Classic Reports on Public Credit, the Bank of the United States, and on Manufacturing; The Context of Assassin and Arch-Traitor Aaron Burr’s Failed Bid for the Presidency in 1800 and Later Attempted Coup d’État with Help from Andrew Jackson;

July 4 Best Wishes to All!

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