The Consequences Podcast 82 - Love Will Tear Strawberry Apart - with engineer Jonathan ‘Baz’ Barrett
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This episode will be absolute music to the ears not just of Strawberry Studios enthusiasts, but all fans of the 80s and 90s Manchester ('Madchester'!) music scene.
Jonathan ‘Baz’ Barrett, better known to this podcast as the Stage Manager for the wonderful Strawberry Studios Forever concert in Stockport in September, was a fully-fledged Strawberry recording engineer during its last six years, from 1987 to 1993. His fascinating stories paint a vivid picture of sessions and recordings involving some of Manchester’s most iconic bands.  None more so than Joy Division, and we try to illustrate Baz’s amazing account of Martin Hannett’s pioneering production work on Love Will Tear Us Apart with some incredible isolated vocal and instrumental parts. We’ve even tried to re-imagine one of these, so apologies to Mr Hannett if we’ve got this completely wrong…
Other tales include Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Cocteau Twins, the BBC and some other less well-known bands such as The High, Mighty Force, Ashley & Jackson and his own band Rig. 
This a real love letter to Strawberry’s final years, and it’s only fitting that we ask Baz to name his ‘pet’ Strawberry sound of all time.  You won’t be disappointed!
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