the Flumadiddle MMA Federation Presents: Spartan vs Ninja
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Hello Flumadiddlers, We are back with our first Vs. episode in ages... This week, we have 2 historic Warriors that will do battle on the rugged terrain of Ancient Greece, the Mountains of Japan and finally in the Flumadiddle Thunderdome!

We will dive into the history of Sparta and Feudal Japan and see how these epic warriors came to be. We will also tackle the flumadiddle surrounding the truths and legends about these Warriors.

And finally, we will declare a victor! Will it be the archetypal, ancient warrior, the heavyweight champion of the Peloponnese, that is the Spartan or the dark, shadowy King of stealth and espionage, the Ninja!?

Join us this week and find out! And email us or post on FB and let us no what you think! Did we get it right?

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