Vs: The baddest Bugs on the planet do battle!
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Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Entomological Research Center and House of Pancakes with our first episode of season 6! Can you believe it; 6 seasons of the world famous Flumadiddle podcast. We have been through a global pandemic, surgeries, illness and all sorts of miscellaneous bumps in the road, but we persevere!

It is our hope that this new season will return Flumadiddle to our listeners on a much more regular basis. So we submit for your glorious enjoyment another installment of our ongoing VS series. Bill the Butcher vs Old Smoke, Spartan vs Ninja, Telsa vs Edison and now the heavyweight champions of the insect world face off. We have the Emperor Dragonfly, Titan Beetle, Praying Mantis, Bulldog Ant, the Yellowjacket and the Robber fly.

So hop back on the Flumatrain for this battle royale of some of the baddest bugs on Earth!

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