Sleep Meditation Bedtime Stories For Grownups - The Golden Collection
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The Golden Collection is a collection of over 50 of Dan Jones top sleep meditation sleep stories for grownups available for one low price. Dan Jones sleep meditation bedtime stories for grownups are designed to help the listener to reduce anxiety, stress and worry while also aiding them in sleeping fast, sleeping well and sleeping all night.
Being autistic, Dan Jones has been using meditation since childhood to help manage stress, anxiety and sensory overwhelm and studying and using hypnosis since being a teenager. During adulthood Dan Jones has worked in mental health since 1997 and child and family support since 2000. He initially started using his therapeutic sleep stories approach with children and teens in children's homes who struggled to sleep due to traumatic experiences and various challenges, then in the early 2000's started creating sleep stories for personal use and since 2004, started creating therapeutic sleep stories for others and in 2007, started sharing them on his Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube channel.
Dan Jones has been a professional hypnotherapist since 2001, focusing on treating depression and anxiety disorders, including PTSD, Phobias and OCD and started to teach hypnotherapy in 2005 and has since taught an accredited hypnotherapy practitioner diploma and written and contributed to a number of books and articles in journals, magazines and newspapers. He has created over 200 therapeutic sleep meditation bedtime stories for grownups most of which he describes as 'made with you, for you' due to the fact that they are made during livestreams where viewers suggest ideas they would like to see in the sleep meditations and in the livestream Dan creates the sleep meditation live on air in real time.
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