9. The Demon Hunters
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It's the future. The cities are flooded. Certain words are forbidden. The doomed Earth has become united under a global totalitarian regime. But two eccentric outliers who refuse to follow the rules may be the Tellestian Empire's only chance for a hopeful future. (Running time: 37 minutes, 21 seconds.)

Written and directed by Edward Champion


Ramirez:  Charly Saccocio
Harris: Michael Saldate
The Instructor:  Rachel Matusewicz
The Voice:  Carol Jacobanis
The Guard:  Graham Rowat
Classmate #1:  David Perez-Ribada
Classmate #2:  Sam Mercer
Classmate #3:  Emmanuel Webb
Scientist #1:  Glenn Bulthius
Scientist #2:  Liz Fodor
Scientist #3:  Alistair Mackey
The Demon:  Pete Lutz
The Rebels:  Glenn Bulthius, Liz Fodor, Alistair Mackey, Melissa Medina, Dylan Reed, and David Sinkus

Associate Producers: Morgan Corcoran and John Osborne

Sound design, editing, engineering, and mastering by a bald man in Brooklyn with a bowling average that is too embarrassingly low to report to the general public.

Music licensed through Neosounds and MusicFox.

Image licensed through Getty.

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P 9. The Demon Hunters Apr 10, 2020 at 6:44 pm
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