Episode 66: The Park on Purpose with Jamie Vann
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Living in Florida, our kids are no strangers to Disney World. It's safe to say that over all of these years we have taken the convenience for granted. But imagine having children and realizing that you cannot take them to Disney. Not due to cost, but because of your child having special needs that Disney cannot accomodate. 

What an awful feeling.

In Episode 66 of The Weekly YAP - Travis sits down with one woman who was also heartbroken when a good friend of hers dealt with this scenario. Instead of just offering sympathy, she offered an idea. "We need to build a park here in St. Louis." Knowing that there is only one special needs amusement park in the world, Jamie Vann decided to build her own. And that is what she is doing!

The park is not built yet, but the project has begun. During this episode Travis and Jamie discuss the passion and purpose behind this project, as well as the pitfalls and obstacles standing in the way. More than anything, listen to this inspiring story and find out how you can help make this park a reality!

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