The play, SHOUT!
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Vibrant, relevant, and emotionally compelling, the SHOUT project (launched in 2018) has already received national awards and grant funding. SHOUT! encourages connections and conversations between groups often pushed apart in contemporary US culture: LGBT people and military service members; veterans and anti-war activists; youth and elders. A joint project of the Military Kid Art Project and the Museum of the American Military Family, SHOUT! Sharing Our Truth is based on oral histories, and personal writings. SHOUT the stage performance was videotaped during its first full stage production and was professionally edited and streamlined for viewing and teaching purposes. Originally taped on September 22, 2019 with a cast of 6 actors from TheatreLAB in Richmond VA. Script By Melissa Rayford. SHOUT! was directed by Melissa Rayford and starred: Lucretia Anderson, Raja Benz, Petie Bogen-Garrett, Avery Johnson, Stevie Rice, and Caitlin St. Clair.
P SHOUT! The Play 2021 Sep 24, 2021 at 9:15 pm
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