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Joe McQuillen visits the grave of his son, Christopher, sometimes five days a week.

The robust Irishman will often pull out a lawn chair, light a cigar and talk with his boy, who crossed over after drowning in the early morning hours of January 3rd, 2016. He was with a group of friends that were celebrating the new year at a lake house in southern Wisconsin, when Chris and three of his friends went out for a smoke. It wasn't until the next morning they were reported as missing. Chris and his friends had all drowned after attempting to put a canoe out on the small lake, in 34 degree water.

I clearly remember seeing that tragic news headline, and as a father, wondering how in the world do you survive that kind of heartbreak?

Three years later, I have my answers. You might find some too.

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Music Credits 

"Some Days Are Diamonds" -John Denver/Dick Feller-

"I'll Send You Feathers"-Joe McQuillen/Brad Nye



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