Look Forward - Ep237: Thank You, Georgia...Thank You, Stacey Abrams!
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This week on Look Forward, Jay and Andy return during the GA runoff elections to discuss the race in real-time, Trump begging like a dog for finding new votes, pardoning of Trump villains, COVID deaths hit 350,000+, National Guard ready to tussle with Proud Boys, and much more!


  • Pardon baby, PARDONS!!!!
  • Georgia, Georgia on our minds!
  • Bloated Begging Bitch Babbles for an Hour
  • America hits 350,000 COVID deaths…
    • Remember to mention Kerry personally
    • Vaccine rollout is slow and a mess in some states
  • Enrique Tarrio (head of Proud Boys) arrested in DC ahead of Jan 6th hijinx
  • DC National Guard is ready to roll, son!
  • Author: TNP Studios
  • Category: TV & Film
  • Status: Ongoing

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