Look Forward - Ep260: HIPAA SCHMIPAA!
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This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the GOP new takes on getting vaccines from not understanding HIPAA to straight-up lying, COVID Delta variant is all the rage, Sinema is getting hammered in AZ, rich pricks fly dick to space, Pelosi and her Jan 6th commission, and much more!


  • Nearly half of House Republicans won't say publicly if they are vaccinated
  • COVID Delta Variant is raging in these states!
  • GOP in the states are suddenly pro-vax
  • Cutesy AZ moron’s play is blowing up in her face
  • Rich men in expensive dicks go to space
  • Pelosi flat out rejects some GOPers from Jan 6th commission
    • GOP will start their own investigation into Jan 6th (laugh along with us)


  • You are protesting mad loud, son!
P Look Forward - Ep260: HIPAA SCHMIPAA! Jul 25, 2021 at 8:15 pm
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