Sovryn Trek 0008: "SOVRYN REWIND 2014: Sovryn Top 8 Star Trek TNG Episodes"
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NOTE: The audio for the exclusive intro for this Sovryn Rewind ended up being recorded on the wrong microphone, and so it does not match the usual quality of Sovryn Tech. The Rewind episode itself is normal quality, however. You don't want to lose the magic of what was recorded however, so the intro was left in as is. Thank you for your understanding.

Brian Sovryn--the Golden Stallion--is here for another Sovryn Top 8...but as part of a SOVRYN REWIND! SOVRYN REWIND comprises episodes from Sovryn Tech's long history that you may have missed...but you don't want to miss it now! This time--from the year 2014--it's covering the Man of Tomorrow's top 8 Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes of all-time! With an EXCLUSIVE new introduction that's Patreon-only, joined by the inimitable Ellen Stallone and the lovely and hyper-intelligent Dr. Stephanie Murphy! Enjoy!



—”The Measure of a Man”
—”Peak Performance”
—”Q Who”
—”The Game”
—”The Chase”
—”The Pegasus”
—”All Good Things...”


  • Author: Brian Sovryn
  • Category: Technology
  • Status: Ongoing

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