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Nat19 is a weekly D&d show that streams like at

Nat19: Fate Solar Shadow

Nat19 is a Fate-based Dungeons and Dragons podcast streamed at

Nat19: Vestige of Ophiuchus

Vestige of Ophiuchus is a 5th-Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast that streams weekly at, at 1 PM PST. Our story is in a fantasy setting called Somnus Domina, and features a cast of voice-over actors, improvisers and writers driving it ever-forward! Come join this story about overcoming the hardships of discrimination, self-discovery and achieving the impossible!

Nat19: Devils Might Surrender

A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game from Nat19, taking place within the Devil May Cry universe! Set between DMC 1 and 4, this game is DM'd by Logan Laidlaw of Nat19. The players (Spencer Downs, Ana Garcia, Cody Hughett, Aaron Robert Parnell, ErehcVA, Hayden Daviau) play a series of characters caught in a catastrophic event when Apom Capital City is plunged into a demonic blizzard, as gates to the Frost Hells open within the city. The podcast streams live every other Thursday at 5 PM PST, at and the podcast is uploaded here every Monday at 10 AM PST.

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