More Episodes

Big Pat's Reel
2007-11-11 3.1k
Rakish Paddy (reel)
2007-11-09 3.9k
The Flaxdresser (jig)
2007-11-07 3.3k
The Tailor's Twist
2007-11-06 3.8k
The Butcher's March (jig)
2007-11-05 3.0k
The Sandpiper (reel)
2007-11-03 2.9k
Anach Cuain (jig)
2007-11-01 3.6k
The Greencastle Hornpipe
2007-10-21 3.6k
The Cocktail Reel
2007-10-20 2.7k
Scotch Mary (reel)
2007-10-19 3.4k
Maggie in the Woods (polka)
2007-10-19 4.4k
The Good Natured Man
2007-10-17 3.6k

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