More Episodes

The Shetland Fiddler
2007-10-16 3.3k
Dinky's 'lite'
2007-10-16 2.8k
The Ballykett Courthouse
2007-10-15 2.6k
Dever The Dancer (slip jig)
2007-10-14 3.3k
Lord Gordon's Reel
2007-10-13 3.3k
The Congress Reel
2007-10-12 4.8k
The Star Above the Garter
2007-10-11 3.2k
The Moving Cloud (reel)
2007-10-09 3.6k
Poll Ha'penny
2007-10-06 3.4k
John Byrne's Jig
2007-10-05 6.2k
Tommy Peoples' Reel
2007-10-04 3.2k
The Mossy Banks (reel)
2007-10-01 3.1k
Jerry's Beaver Hat
2007-09-30 3.1k
The Contradiction Reel
2007-09-29 3.3k
The Sally Gardens
2007-09-29 4.3k
The Glencolmbcille Reel
2007-09-27 2.9k

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