12Stone Church

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

More Episodes

Making Plans
2016-12-04 2.8k
Extraordinary Prayer
2016-11-27 3.0k
Take A Stand
2016-11-20 2.9k
Revel In Righteousness
2016-11-13 2.7k
Trust God's Truth
2016-10-31 2.8k
2016-10-30 3.0k
Faith Politics Church
2016-10-23 3.0k
Faith. Freedom. Church
2016-09-11 3.1k
God Is More Active
2016-09-04 2.6k
God Is More Holy
2016-08-28 2.5k
God Is More Loving
2016-08-21 2.5k
God Is More Present
2016-08-14 2.6k
God Is More Powerful
2016-08-07 2.8k
The Winning Mentality
2016-07-11 2.5k
History of the Church
2016-07-03 2.5k
Public Faith
2016-06-26 2.5k
Fearless Obedience
2016-06-19 2.7k

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