12Stone Church

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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Yertle The Turtle
2016-04-10 3.4k
Oh the Places You Will Go
2016-04-03 3.8k
One Life Matters
2016-03-27 3.2k
2016-03-20 3.5k
2016-03-13 3.8k
Set Long Term Goals
2016-03-06 3.4k
Give Generously
2016-02-28 3.3k
Avoid the Use of Debt
2016-02-21 3.3k
Spend Less Than You Earn
2016-02-14 3.5k
Dare You To Get In The Game
2016-02-07 3.4k
2016-02-03 5.1k
2016-02-03 5.1k
Dare To Fall Back In Love
2016-01-24 3.8k
Dare to Get In Shape
2016-01-10 3.7k
Prioritizing the Presence
2016-01-03 3.4k
More and Better (Part 2)
2015-12-20 3.2k

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