More Episodes

A Theology of Work
2019-11-13 105.4k
The Martyrs and a Higher World
2019-11-06 102.6k
The Love of Predilection
2019-10-30 49.2k
Paul at the End of the Race
2019-10-23 52.5k
Persistence in Prayer
2019-10-16 55.2k
Don’t Forget the Poor
2019-09-25 54.1k
Yes and No to Power
2019-09-18 56.6k
A Coin, A Sheep, A Son
2019-09-11 45.4k
The Cost of Discipleship
2019-09-04 58.7k
Ignatian Detachment
2019-08-28 58.0k
The Narrow Gate
2019-08-21 59.8k
Fate of the Prophet
2019-08-14 57.5k
Fate of the Prophet
2019-08-14 77.6k
The Hero’s Journey
2019-08-07 49.6k
Abba Father, Bring us Jesus
2019-07-24 55.4k

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