More Episodes

Aggie Whyte's Reel
2009-01-16 4.7k
The Game of Love (reel)
2009-01-02 4.1k
Father Tom's Wager (jig)
2008-12-22 4.6k
A Fig For a Kiss (slip jig)
2008-12-19 6.3k
Tory Island (reel)
2008-11-17 4.4k
Snow on the Hills (reel)
2008-10-30 4.6k
The Eavesdropper (jig)
2008-10-27 4.4k
Dinny O'Brien's Reel
2008-10-17 4.1k
The Hawthorn (slip jig)
2008-10-11 4.5k
Top it Off (slip jig)
2008-09-27 4.5k
The Four Courts (reel)
2008-09-19 4.4k
Laddy Redican's (reel)
2008-09-07 4.4k
The Moneymusk (highland)
2008-09-06 4.1k
Follow me Down (reel)
2008-09-03 4.3k

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