More Episodes

The Wise Maid
2007-08-14 3.6k
The Laurel Tree
2007-08-13 3.2k
The Fairy Reel
2007-08-12 3.2k
Eddie Duffy's Reel
2007-08-11 2.4k
Apples in Winter
2007-08-10 4.5k
Father Kelly's (2)
2007-08-09 3.3k
Brendan Mulhare's Reel
2007-08-07 3.0k
The Bellharbour Reel
2007-08-06 3.0k
The Golden Eagle
2007-08-05 3.6k
The Coachman's Whip
2007-08-04 3.0k
Trim The Velvet
2007-08-03 3.3k
Paddy Mills' Fancy
2007-08-03 3.0k
McFarley's Reel
2007-08-02 7.1k
The Setting Sun
2007-08-01 3.0k
The Creel of Turf
2007-07-31 3.2k
The Lass of Ballintra
2007-07-31 2.8k
Toss The Feathers
2007-07-30 5.1k

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