Prophet Kofi Oduro

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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Blow The Trumpet In Zion
2019-07-28 2.6k
Briers And Thorns
2019-07-28 2.5k
Don't Compete With Anyone
2019-07-28 2.8k
Don't Get Tired
2019-07-23 3.9k
The Goats Are In Church
2019-07-21 3.9k
Faulty Foundations
2019-07-21 3.3k
God Is Warning Ghana
2019-07-14 4.3k
Ghana Is Bleeding
2019-07-14 3.1k
God Is Warning Ghana.
2019-07-14 4.3k
Ghana Is Sick
2019-07-07 4.0k
Take Heed
2019-07-07 3.0k
I Want To Be Like Jesus
2019-06-30 3.8k
God Is A Judge
2019-06-30 3.2k
Critically Examine Yourself
2019-06-25 3.2k
Christ The Truth
2019-06-23 2.6k
Buy The Truth
2019-06-23 3.5k

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