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2018-10-16 2.0k
A Busy Brain
2018-10-10 2.4k
An Examined Life
2018-10-03 2.5k
Seeking Validation
2018-09-26 2.3k
Banishing God
2018-09-19 2.6k
An Invisible Wound
2018-09-13 2.2k
In Vino Veritas
2018-09-05 2.1k
You Are What You Wear
2018-08-29 2.3k
Speak Up, Show Up
2018-08-22 2.5k
Life on Mars
2018-08-08 2.3k
Same Species, Bigger Sticks
2018-08-01 2.2k
Gloves Off
2018-06-27 2.8k
Life Is But A Breath
2018-06-20 2.9k
Jesus, Outside the Box
2018-06-06 2.7k
A Great Spirit
2018-05-30 2.1k
State of the Nation
2018-05-23 2.3k
In The Name Of Christ
2018-05-16 2.1k
In Sickness and in Health
2018-05-09 2.0k

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