Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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The Joy Thief
2019-09-17 129
Hey you two, get along!
2019-09-16 630
Everything I've got!
2019-09-11 996
Dangerous Self Confidence
2019-09-09 1.1k
Beware of dogs!
2019-09-06 1.2k
Rejoice is a choice!
2019-09-05 1.1k
Risking Your Life
2019-09-04 1.2k
We think alike. Or do we?
2019-09-03 1.1k
Complainers are dim lights.
2019-09-02 1.1k
Two Choices on the Shelf
2019-08-28 1.2k
Paying It Forward
2019-08-27 1.2k
What scares you?
2019-08-26 1.2k
Ugly Christmas Trees
2019-08-23 1.3k
You are a convex lens.
2019-08-22 1.2k

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