Prophet Kofi Oduro

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

More Episodes

Return To The Lord
2018-10-07 1.5k
Forsake Worldly Lusts
2018-09-30 2.0k
Go And Preach Christ
2018-09-25 1.7k
Remain In Christ
2018-09-23 1.8k
Redemption From Traditions
2018-09-18 1.7k
Eternal Value
2018-09-16 1.5k
Abide In Me
2018-09-09 1.5k
The True Vine
2018-09-09 1.3k
The Message Is Jesus
2018-09-02 1.5k
Prepare To Meet Your God
2018-08-29 1.6k
Generation of Vipers
2018-08-25 1.5k
Eternal Life
2018-08-20 1.5k
The Great White Throne
2018-08-20 1.5k
2018-08-14 1.7k
Escape Hell
2018-08-12 1.6k
Be A Serious Christian
2018-08-07 1.9k

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